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DupeTrasher Version 1.2

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DupeTrasher - Download DupeTrasher, Version 1.2

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Here's the deal: you find the faster and more optimized duplicate file finder, and we will give you the DupeTrasher Licence for free! DupeTrasher will help you to get rid of the duplicated files from your system, fast and easy. Identical files which are located in different folders and drives, are present on virtually every computer today. They are effectively wasting free space, reduce the effect of defragmentation tools yet increase the mess on the volumes and tend to confuse users. Intuitive interface enables you to highly customize search with the following features:
- Select what locations to be searched, such as whole volumes or just specified folders.
- Specify which files to be included in the search, and which to be skipped such as system files or users backup.
- Search files of the specified date, size, pattern, attributes...
- Comparing files by name, size, modification date, attributes and, as the safest option, fast byte-to-byte contents compilation.
- Remove duplicated files by deleting them into recycle bin or permanently. Additionally you can move them into specified folder.
DupeTrasher was written completely in Win32 assembly, as a standalone executable file with no third party libraries or DLL dependencies. Program size is only about 130kb and no compression has been used. It was designed to run on the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003. Smart application crash system is implemented, in order to give you ability to report us any bug that may arise.



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